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How To Unclog A Bathtub

Tips For Unclogging Pesky Bath Drains 

There are plenty of tips on how to plug a troublesome bath drain in your bathroom and rid your house of harmful stagnant water, but there are no practical solutions that prevent you from having to call a plumber to keep the tub “unclogged.” Call plumbing service Lake Oswego to get rid of all your clogged drains.

Emptying a bath drain is not difficult if you have the right tools, but read on to see what the next steps are. Go through how to use this method to plug a bath drain or hire a specialist if these simple tips do not work for you.

Whichever method you choose, here’s how to unclog a toilet drain, shower drain, or sink. 

  1. Use a plumber snake to overflow the bath;
  2. Drain stagnant water;
  3. Dive thoroughly and remove any clogging and;
  4. Finally, use a wet-dry vacuum cleaner with a filter to get all the gunk out.

If the dip doesn’t work, try vinegar or baking soda, or if boiling water and a flask do not work, you can try a drain snake. Also, the snake could be bought at the hardware store, but if you choose a specific tool to unclog a drain gutter, you should buy one that is designed for the type of pipe or drain system in your bathtub. Your hardware store will also most likely have a chemical drain cleaner that you use to “burn” your drain.

Drain Snakes And Toilets

In some cases, a drain snake can be inserted into the tub drain directly, but it is better to pass through the overflow. If you use a commercial chemical that is dumped down the drain, you can use a piston or snake to “drain” it. Drain snakes can also be used to unclog a toilet, using the same method you use to unclog a drain. 

There is no quick “universal” solution to unclog a hair-clogged drain, but we have a few more solutions for you. If you are looking for a way to block the shower or tub drain without damaging the pipe, try these tips:

  1. Try pouring a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. This will help dissolve any gunk that may have been trapped with the hair so it can come loose.
  2. The next technique you can try is to pour boiling water down the drain in a mixture of baking soda and vinegar, then add a little vinegar and water at the end to finish the job.
  3. If the tub is still clogged, pour 1 / 4 cup of baking powder down the drain and then add half a cup of vinegar for a few minutes.

    After you have left the baking soda-vinegar mixture sitting, pour boiling water into the bath drain and seal it with two to three cups of hot water.

If your tub is still standing, look for the blockage further down and if you have removed all visible blockages from the drain and find that your tub is not yet running, you should proceed to “drive” it.

If you decide to solve the problem without calling a plumber, bleach is another great way to DIY a clogged bathtub drain. Depending on the strength of the bleach, pour an appropriate amount into the drain and let it sit before unclogging further with a plunger.


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