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Plumbing Emergency Tips: Clogged Drains

Quick Tips & Tricks To Help Unclog Drains

There are several ways to tackle that clogged drain pipe which usually occurs in the kitchen, shower, or bathtub including a hair-clogged drain. The easiest and fastest way is to use a common household plunger. It’s a good idea to have one handy to quickly remedy the situation.  If you are dealing with a shower drain or a sink that has food particles stuck, a plunger will get the job done almost all the time.

Use care, though; grease and soap gunk are harder to plunge and you may accidentally cause a bigger stoppage if you plunge too hard and force the clog to build up and go further down the drain. Another option is to use a Zip-It drain tool, which can be purchased at Home Depot or any other hardware store. This is a good option for bathroom drain pipe clogs. It’s a long plastic tool with small “teeth” on it that grabs hair and other debris that is stuck in the drain. Zip tools are an easy “catchall” tool for common clogs. 

Find The Cause

Plumbing professionals, like us here at My PLumbing Lake Oswego, will send a professional to you home to diagnose the problem. Once the problem is identified, then the right fixes can be applied. Here are the possible reasons for your clogged drain, and the best methods to fix them, based on our expert experience:

  • The clog may be large and involve tree roots, in which case a strong hydro jet may be better than a pipe snake. The high-pressure water stream has better cutting capabilities and can dislodge even medium sized tree roots.
  • It may not be your drain pipes, but your main sewer line drain has deteriorated a little due to age or been severely compromised by tree roots, in which case our pipe bursting replacement maybe your best option.
  • Inspect clogged drains by sending a small video camera down your drain in order to see exactly what is causing your clogged drain, and determine the best method to clear it completely.
  • The clog may be small enough where a drain auger or snake will remove all of the blockages.
  • The last option would be your drain pipe or main sewer drain pipe is so old and compromised that your best option is a brand new drain pipe or main sewer line.
  • Finally, routine drain maintenance is the best way to avoid more costly drain and sewer repairs that can worsen over time.

Quality Plumbing Services In Lake Oswego

You may be wasting water with clogged drains and experiencing other problems that go with blockages. Before you end up with costly plumbing repairs resulting from drainage issues, My Plumbing Lake Oswego can provide you with the assistance you need. Our licensed plumbers have been providing quality rooter and drain cleaning services in the community for years. Don’t let a problem with a simple solution cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars down the road because you ignored the problem, or had an incorrect or temporary drain service performed.

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